Site Structure & Platform Function Exposition

Purpose of the Site

Usually one would like to say that structure and topology comes before function, but of course the order of discovery is different from the order of being. The function--which is, hegemonically, the subjective purpose--of this website is simply to showcase various projects. Some of these are lone projects--the sole soul possessing the task in question is myself. But some curses and elixirs and omens can only be functional under legion, which is to say that the site also opens up some opportunity for compiling and showcasing the written works of others. It may be nice, after all, to give people's writing a nice, charming finish, and to convert writing more closely into a dialogue, as an exorcism can be converted to a sรฉance. But the magick of writing is but one of inner powers of humanity, and so other kinds of production--visual and acoustic art--may be put under consideration. The point is that some point be expressed--that the wand of creativity also lend to outside intelligibility. The exception is, of course, for the projects and tasks I undertake by my lonesome. A few of my current projects involve coding and blogging--particularly blogging about what I'm reading, or intellectual/academic blogging. I'm also potentially interested in improving my visual art skills, and this may include illustration, caricature, animation and comic-making. None of this is guaranteed, as all of it is in my service.

Structure of the Site

The blog, as well as the portfolio, are where the majority of either my content, or links to other social media profiles where my relevant content is located, will be found. The portfolio is likely to link to other social media profiles featuring content of a visual or acoustic nature, or to stand-alone essays and/or references to my writing. The blog may feature some of this, but is largely focused on biweekly to monthly produced written content of an arbitrary subject matter. Arbitrary subject matter notwithstanding, the subject matter will be determined by precise factors unique to myself. Thereby, it's highly likely that the blog will consists of nonfiction and/or creative nonfiction, or semi-fictional narrative. Mostly non-fiction, however. Possible subjects are the following, though I do not claim to be an expert in any of these (except perhaps having the most handle on philosophy), merely identifying them as potential topic areas:

Given the potential for working with others, the "Call for Papers" and "Book Manuscript" menu links may have pages that come in handy at some point. For now, they are mere talismanic decoration for the site. The "Digital Publication" menu link is meant to send you to a server that hosts whatever I would hypothetically put together and publish from submissions for the Call to Papers and manuscript submissions. But again--talismanic menu items. Accessing the "Digital Publication" page, however, requires entering the username "guest" with the password "access."

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